Antti Puuhaara in France

Antti Puuhaara in France

Tapio Tuomela’s music includes a great variety of fine harmonies, humming with closed mouths, noises, great melodic lines, popular themes, spicy dissonances… The skillful direction of Roland Hayrabedian creates music with millions of colours, lyrical legato, stunning pizzicatio and murmuring of the frightening forest.

Zibeline June-July 2010/Yves Berge

Antti Puuhaara, a Finnish legend, was performed with incredible talent. The artistic director Roland Hayrabedian performed the songs, noises, cries of anxiety, and spoken voices with a communicative passion and intensity. The sublime voices of the soloists and the score deliver the spirit of the tale in a splendid interpretation by the strings, clarinet and accordion.

Le Dauphine 13.6. / Colliat-Dangus Pierrette

Tapio Tuomela: Antti Puuhaara
(concert version)

Ensemble Musicatreize, cond. Roland Hayrabedian, 10-11.6.2010
Bourget-du-lac & Marseille, France